Naan Pocen

STELLALTINAAN is the vision of Naan Pocen, born in Nigeria and trained in Italy. The label was created with a specific focus on fashion and home décor. We pride ourselves in creating only limited editions, or one-of-a-kind items. All items are created locally, in Maryland USA because it is important to us to be a part of reducing our planet’s carbon footprint. We care to be a part of building the local economy thus creating jobs in our community.

Although we aim to use luxurious and high quality materials, most of the materials used in our production are locally sourced. Each design is created intentionally to be a conversation piece. Our clothing is strictly made with couture method of dressmaking.

STELLALTINAAN intentionally creates eclectic items with an exotic flare because our creative designer, Naan Pocen borrows ideas, textures and colours from the different cultures she had experienced in her travels. Today Naan Pocen uses all that exposure to create unique items combining colour, texture and comfort.