STELLALTINAAN is a Women’s fashion line located in Gaithersburg Maryland. It is aimed at the woman that wants to embrace her individuality. We design and make clothes and accessories that are conversation pieces, using bright colours, unique materials and couture method of dressmaking. Our aim is to encourage she who wants to embrace her individuality so that her clothes and accessories do the talking for her. When she wears a STELLALTINAAN she will silently be telling the world “I am an individual; I am unique.”


I believe that the core of the human spirit has art in its essence and it is the reason why we see and appreciate beauty, even if it is subjective as it should be. I choose to embrace my spirit/love of art and for me, it is a daily choice. Next to food and shelter, clothing is a human need. And just as I believe that food should taste good and shelter should provide safety and comfort, I believe clothing should be pleasing to the wearer. So I set about creating with that truth in mind; that what I make should serve more than just the simple purpose of coverage from nudity; that is should be fun, comfortable and pleasing.