STELLALTINAAN is really about individuality.

We have an appreciation for beauty in all of its forms and shapes, and we aim to make that visible through our creations, using colour and texture and all things luxurious. We source elegant, unique and rich materials for our creations because we believe our customers deserve the pampering.

We are never in a hurry because we believe that things worth making are worth making very well, which is why our collection is not decided by seasons; we create with timelessness in mind.

Personal Statement

The core of the human spirit has art in its essence, it is the reason why we see and appreciate beauty, even its subjectivity, as it should be. I choose to embrace my spirit/love of art daily. In creating art, I aim for it to be pleasing in all aspects. Nothing is created with the simple purpose of utility only; Everything is created intentionally to be fun, comfortable and pleasing.

At the end of the day, Style really is about individuality; that is how I see it.